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  • Can you explain more about the Topic?
    There is no set topic but the submission should have Pakistan as its location or central focus. Pakistani society and the Pakistani nation should feature prominently in the writing.
  • Can I submit more than one entry?
    No. The competition restricts the number of entries to one per person so it is important to remember to add all your personal data in the accompanying email.
  • Should I submit a scan of my NIC or NICOP with my entry?
    No. At the moment we just want you to submit the number of your NIC or NICOP. However, shortlisted candidates will be required to submit scanned copies via email.
  • My current address does not match the address on my CNIC. Which should I submit?
    Submit your current address. If your submission is chosen to be longlisted, we will ask you to provide proof of address.
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