Can you explain more about the topic?

The theme of the Competition is WOMEN AND PAKISTAN. This means your writing should have women and the country of Pakistan as its central focus. So for example it could be:

  • A narrative essay or polemical piece dealing with a particular aspect of life for women in Pakistan
  • A personal memoir or biography of the life of a woman in Pakistan or the struggle for Independence

Can I write about the experience of being a woman in the Pakistani diaspora?

Yes, but only if you can relate that experience back to the country of Pakistan, its society, peoples, politics, history or culture. Please note that you should not focus on what it means to be a woman of Pakistani heritage living in a foreign country. However, it is in keeping with the central focus if you write comparing living in BOTH Pakistan and abroad or the experience of the journey from one to the other.

Can I submit poetry or a short story?

No. This year's genre is prose non-fiction and specifies that the writing must be either a narrative essay, a memoir, a biography, or a polemical (opinion) piece.

Can I submit more than one entry?

No. The competition rules restrict the number of entries to one per person so it is important to remember to add all your personal data in the accompanying email.

Should I send a scan of my CNIC or NICOP with my entry?

No. At the moment we just want you to submit the number of your CNIC or NICOP. However, Longlisted candidates will be required to submit scanned copies of these via email.

My current address does not match my ID document. Which should I submit?

Submit your current postal address. If you are considered for the Longlist, we will conduct further verification checks.

A word about plagiarism

We are sorry to say that several submissions last year had major instances of plagiarism. We take this matter very seriously. We have specialist software to detect plagiarism and if any author is confirmed as having submitted plagiarised work, she will be permanently banned from entering the competition.