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The Heat

Is it the unbearable weather or the weight of expectations that is making Rukhsana act crazy? And what is the difference between madness and defiance anyway?

Aisha Khan

Hairy Monster Animation
Letting My Hair Down

The perennial problem for the Pakistani woman is in her genes. And blessings in one department can be a curse in another.

Musfira Shaffi

A History of Heartstrings

Two lives intersect and move apart through the years. A story of loss and yearning for a simpler time.

Asma Mani

Bhar Mein Jayein Loug
(People Can Just Go to Hell)

“My life is not mine because everything I do is relational, defining everyone else around me.” A powerful memoir describing the absence of free agency in a woman’s life.

Zoha B. Khan

Indian Street Art

The wanton cruelty of children towards servants has consequences that haunt their adult selves. A story about dark secrets, casual bullying and flashing green eyes.

Tamreez Inam

Old house karachi.jpg
Of Places and People

poignant memoir of one woman's childhood attachments, captured in the places and people she loved best.

Aliya Farrukh  

What's in a Name?

A fragment of a nameless woman's life is portrayed in this uncompromising stream-of-consciousness narrative

Mehroo Waqas

faceless woman.jpg
Growing as a Pakistani Woman: A Journey of Emotions

Anger and guilt are what girls feel at the start of their journey through life. But is there room for hope as the journey goes on?

Nabeeha Chaudhary


Who is 'Aman', the mystery writer of Shahpur? And why does he live in a village where nobody reads?

Manahil Naik

oppresed woman.jpg
The Freedom of Space

An edict by the newly elected Mayor of Lahore cancels the end of year school gala. But that is only the start of  a dystopian future of access to public spaces being curtailed by “The Guardians” of the New Lahore.

Iman Khan

Is this Pakistan? Or Womanhood in Images

Will hope ultimately trump despair for women in this examination of the promise of Pakistan? What it is, and what it could be?

Sauleha Kamal

Spit Can

A daughter's loving care for an infirm father is tested to the limits, especially when sons are more highly valued.

Asna Nusrat

Avatar 2.jpg

Why must it be men who design a woman’s characteristics in an image, an avatar, that suits them? A call to arms for women to take control of their own narratives

Sadia Mubarak

Paratha, and a Cup of Tea Afterwards

A mystery woman stops at a dhaba for breakfast one early morning. But why is she travelling alone? And where is she going?

Noor Us Sabah Tauqeer